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Zodiac Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt water chlorinators are the healthier, natural alternative to cleaning and sanitising your swimming pool. You won’t need to rely on expensive and harsh chemicals such as granule or liquid chlorine to manage the bacteria, algae and viruses in your pool.

How does a salt water chlorinator work?

The salt water chlorinator is attached to the pools circulation system and has a hollow cavity that houses an electrolytic cell. When water pushes into the cell by way of the pool filter, the cell the water mixes with the non-iodised salt (sodium chloride) which then produces natural chlorine.

Benefits of salt water chlorinators

There are several advantages of using salt water chlorinators such as:

  • Healthier, more natural way of cleaning and sanitising water
  • Environmentally friendlier option
  • Reduces red eyes and skin irritations
  • Self cleaning (reverse polarity) makes pool cleaning easy
  • Timers can be used to switch pool equipment off and on, saving power
  • Automatic, electronic devices saves time and improves pool maintenance
  • Cost effective in the longer term

Best quality, best service

At Australian Internet Pool Shop, we stock a wide selection of salt water chlorinators from some of the best brands in the pool industry such as Zodiac, Hurlcon, Watermaid and Chloromatic.

Should you have any questions in choosing a salt water chlorinator, contact us on 02 9970 5115 one of our friendly pool experts will provide the advice you’re looking for.