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Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic Pool Cleaners are highly sought after, providing an easy alternative to cleaning debris and other foreign matter from the bottom of your swimming pool. With more pool manufacturers in the market competing for business, the prices of robotic pool cleaners are now extremely affordable and a very popular method of cleaning your pool.

How Does a Robotic Pool Cleaner Operate?

Robotic pool cleaners operate independently from the pool filtration equipment. There is no installation required, simply plug the unit in and drop it into the pool. After the cleaning cycle the pool cleaner needs to be removed from the pool, the bag or cannister cleaned and then stored for the next use.

Benefits of a Robotic Pool Cleaner

The biggest advantage of a robotic pool cleaner is that it saves time, or rather, it frees up time so that you can enjoy your leisure time instead of spending it cleaning the bottom of your swimming pool.

A robotic pool cleaner also reduces the overall effort and amount of work required to clean the pool as it will independently clean the bottom of your pool so you can focus on other pool cleaning activities such as removing floating debris and leaves. In addition, as it frequently removes debris and other matter which subsequently reduces the workload of your pool filter, thus increasing its operating life.