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Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Zodiac CX20, VX50, VX55, Astral RBX, Astral RTX, Astral RPX, RB, RT

We recommend only high quality robotic pool cleaners that we trial and test in our local service customer swimming pools.  

Robotic pool cleaners sense the size and shape of your pool and go off and perform their clean.  Not designed to stay in the pool they are stored on a caddy when not in use.  These swimming pool cleaners are extremely energy efficient typically only running a robotic cleaner once or twice per week even for the leafiest of pools.

Depending on the expectations you have, your pool environment, shape and surface the pool will depend what robotic pool cleaner will best suit.  Highly recommending Astral and Zodiac robotic models such as the Zodiac VX50 and VX55 that replace the popular Zodiac V3 4WD and V4 4WD models along with the new Zodiac CX20.  With the popular Astral Pandora Smart robotic pool cleaner replaced by the various models such as the Astral RBX, RTX and RPX robotic cleaners now all offer different features such as bag or cannister filtration, remote control and dual motor.  

Robotic pool cleaners are an energy efficient solution especially when other components of your filtration system are energy efficient such as the Viron Pumps and Zodiac E Pumps - you'll save as much as up to 70% in energy.