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Sand Filters

A pool sand filter is a vital component for your swimming pools sanitisation system.

How does a Pool Sand Filter Work?

  • The water passes through the filter which is a tank that is filled with finely graded sand, glass or Zeolite
  • The water that passes through attaches it to the filtration media
  • The impurities is cleaned out and cleaner water is reticulated back into the pool
  • when the pressure increases by 35 - 70 kPa the sand filter requires backwashing.

At Australian Internet Pool Shop, we have a wide selection of leading pool sand filtration systems to help make cleaning and sanitising your swimming pool cost effective, simple and convenient. Sand Filters are far lower maintenance than CARTRIDGE FILTERS and if you have the room will always be our preference. Check out our range of Hurlcon, Waterco, Onga Pantera and Davey pool sand filters by clicking on the links below and find out the benefits and product features.

Alternatively, you can contact us on (02) 9970 5115 and one of our friendly team members can help you with your enquiry.