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Davey Salt chlorinators offer a safer alternative to using liquid pool chlorine. 

Salt is a naturally occurring substance and when added to your pool creates mildly salted water that is enjoyable and soft to the touch, just like swimming in a mineral spa. Davey Chloromatic® sanitisers provide the cleanest, most sparkling water, making your pool easier to maintain and pleasant to swim in.

Traditionally, pools have been sanitized by using packaged chlorine which involves certain risks in production, transport, handling and storage. Chlorine is effective, however, the major cost of ownership is attributed to buying chlorine to maintain correct sanitation levels. Even when adding a stabiliser to protect it from UV, in the height of summer chlorine can still evaporate at an unacceptably fast rate.

This traditional sanitation process can be greatly improved by using the Davey Chloromatic. This extremely effective and convenient process is based on electrolysis of common salt. By installing the Davey Chloromatic equipment and the addition of pool salt, you are not only choosing a system that is "green" (environmentally friendly), you will be creating water that is crystal clear, pure and fresh for your swimmers to enjoy! 

Watch the customer testimonial about how switching to salt water chlorination has helped one of our commercial customers and view below, Davey's range of salt water chlorinators and associated products. 

Davey Salt Chlorinator Range:-

Davey ChloroMatic

  • suitable for Magnesium Mineral Salts
  • Digital Timer, easy to use and set up
  • reverse polarity
  • winter mode to reduce over chlorination
  • pump switches off when no water is detected
  • salt levels 4500ppm to 6000ppm
  • 4 sizes available

Davey Chloromatic Nipper

  • reverse polarity
  • pump switches off when no water is detected
  • low salt and so flow indicators
  • chlorine boost and winter modes
  • salt levels 3000ppm to 6000ppm

Davey Salt Chlorinators has a 3 year warranty



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