Astral P320 XT Pool Pump

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Astral P320 XT Energy Efficient Pool Pump

The Astral P320 XT energy pump is a unique variable-speed permanent magnet DC motor. Incredibly efficient this pump is 9-star energy rated. When installed correctly, the Viron XT will significantly reduce operating costs, lower noise levels, and reduce greenhouse emissions. 

Energy-efficient pumps save electricity by slowing down water flow rates. Speeds are set to suit the pool filter size, plumbing, and application. 

Astral Viron P320 XT pumps can control the prime speed of the pump; unlike most other energy-efficient pumps priming users can set speed and duration. The new XT allows for 30% quicker priming with its motor now able to do 3600RPM.

Variable speed pumps work exceptionally well with robotic pool cleaners as they do not depend on your filtration system.

Features of the Astral P320 XT Pump -

  • Australian Made pool pump (many of the competitor's pumps are made in Asia)
  • 9 Star Energy Rating
  • Variable Speed Control Whisper Quiet
  • LED display shows RPM of motor
  • Suitable for filters up to 800mm (30") 
  • up to 3600 RPM allows faster priming than regular pool pumps
  • When used correctly, save $700 every year in operating costs

IMPORTANT NOTE - Retailers must sell all Astral Viron equipment with an installation.

Please contact us so we can assist you through this process. 


Talk to the team at about your requirements; we help with replacement pool pumps or pumps for new pools and discuss how to reduce your pump power use. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us, and we will happily answer any questions on pool pumps.  


Need installation? Call us on 02 9970 5115, and we will arrange the installation of pool pumps in most areas across Australia. 


Astral P320 Energy Efficient Pump


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Dean Randle
New pool pump

Great service and price

Alan Quinlan
New pool pump

When our existing pool pump failed we looked around for a replacement but the Pool Shop offered us the best deal and delivered and installed the pump promptly despite it being their busiest time of year. 5 star service!

Fergus Hanley
Viron P320 XT Variable Speed Pool Pump

Thanks to the team at The Sydney and especially Lisa and a big thank you Tom for his fantastic support and understanding with my purchase of a new pool pump. This is my first purchase from them, but the whole process from online purchase to delivery was excellent and very professional. My new Astral Viron P320 XT in now up and running and doing a great job so far. I would certainly recommend Tom and his team at to anyone for the pool equipment needs. They seem to be very customer focussed and supportive and really nice people.

As a side note to would be customers of this specific pump, I am finding that the lowest speed of 1325 rpm is probably a bit low for my liking across the chlorinator, but that may well be because I am using the Zodiac Tri XO which is only 18 months old. But I love the fact that you can beef up or down the RPM in 25rpm increments. So I currently run my pump at 1800 rpm which gives much better efficiency to the chlorinator and is still super quiet by comparison to my old pump and I'm sure quite economical. The water pressure drops very significantly when you go from the middle setting to the lowest, which I personally believe equates to a much longer period of trying to maintain water volume turnover in a pool of my size which is 62000 litres, but each situation will be different and depending a lot on climate conditions eg hot weather etc. Hope this helps

Paul Pennesi installed an astral pool pump in Matraville

Pump is great and the installation was done extremely professionally
I would recommend them to everyone.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deryk C
Fantastic Service

Fantastic service with Poolshop team organising local installer for the new pump. Definitely recommend Poolshop.

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