Pool Gas Heaters

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Pool Gas Heaters

Gas Pool Heaters are the best choice if you are looking to heating your pool or spa quickly.  Pools that are used sporadically or in winter are also best heated with gas. If you are wanting to maintain a pools temperature over the season we recommend that you look at Pool Heat Pumps

Gas Pool Heaters are available in different sizes to suit different sized pools and are available in LPG and Natural Gas models. Gas Heaters are usually installed outdoors but most models can also be installed indoors with a flue.

We recommend the best quality, safest, simple and most reliable models.  All AGA (Australian Gas Association) approved.  Contact us and we will assist with sizing the correct heater for your pool.

We sell the highest range of heaters from Astral Pool and Raypak.

What you need to know

Whether you are installing a new heater or you are replacing an older model heater we will help select the right Gas Pool Heater for your pool.

When replacing a heater we will need to know which model heater you are currently using. These details are usually located inside the heater. Simply lift the front panel up and off the heater. This panel is located just below the Gas Heater control panel. Get a torch and look inside for the specifications plate. We will require the model number or the Megajoule rating (Mj) from the specifications plate. 

If you haven't had a gas heater installed or you are wanting go for a bigger heater that is currectly in place, you will need the advice of a gas plumber. The amount of gas available for a gas heater depends upon the gas meter on your property along with the distance between the gas heater and the gas meter. As the distance increases between the gas heater and the gas meter, the copper gas pipe needs to be increased to provide more gas. 


We will help you find the right Pool Heater for your pool and advise which Gas Pool Heater is going to meet your needs.  Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will gladly answer questions about Gas Pool Heaters.

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