Pool Controls Chlorinators

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Pool Controls Chlorinators

Pool Controls are specialists in Salt chlorinators and liquid chemicals feeders for swimming pools. Pool Controls Chlorinators are hand-made in Australia. 

Pool Controls Chlorinators offers an innovative range of high-quality salt water chlorinators. There are models to suit small pools to powerful chlorinators that produce 60gms suitable for large pools.

All Pool Controls salt or mineral systems feature reverse polarity (self-cleaning) electrolytic cells as standard.

SWC Salt Water Chlorinators

  • new electrolytic cell design that feeds power from the mid of the cell for extra cell life and efficiency
  • available in 15g, 25g, 45g, and 60g per hour units
  • pH Options
  • self-cleaning reverse polarity
  • suitable for small to large pools
  • 3-year warranty

XLS 900ppm

  • Freshwater experience
  • pH Options
  • available in 12g, 18g, 23g, and 28g per hour units
  • suitable for most domestic pools
  • self-cleaning reverse polarity

Gemini Salt Chlorinators

  • multi-electrode measures pH and ORP
  • single peristaltic pump to control pH.
  • available in 30gm model
  • self-cleaning reverse polarity
  • sold only with installation
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