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Revolution Pool Cleaner Video Demonstration



The Revolution Pool Cleaner range of Robotic Pool Cleaners is available in three models. Revolution cleaners are made in Israel by a market leading brand who does not want to sell products under their own label on the internet. 

All Revolution models use a bag filter which collects debris and filters down to 2 microns. No cartridge type Robotic Pool Cleaner is able to filter to these levels. The filter bag is accessed by turning over the machine and then accessing the bag is by undoing two clips which hold a frame which retains the bag.


Revolution Pool Cleaner Range

Revolution 1

  • Floor Only Model
  • No Caddy
  • 15m cable for pools up to 10m
  • swivel to minimise tangles

Revolution II

  • Cleans floors and walls
  • 18m cable to suite pools up to 12m
  • 2.5 Hour cleaning cycle
  • swivel to minimise tangles

Revolution III

  • Cleans floors and walls
  • 18m cable to suite pools up to 12m
  • swivel to minimise tangles
  • caddy is included
  • programmable timers


We will help you find the right pool cleaner for your pool and advise if a Robotic Pool Cleaner is going to meet your needs.  Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Revolution Pool Cleaners.

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