Zodiac Heat Pumps

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Zodiac Heat Pumps 

Zodiac Heat Pump range are designed to suit a variety of pool sizes and climate conditions. Using the same principle as reverse cycle air conditioners the heat pumps extract heat from the air and heat the pool water

Zodiac Heat Pumps come in a available in a wide range of sizes and models to suit most pools and budgets.

Zodiac Heat Pump Range

Zodiac Z200 Heat Pump

  • is suitable for smaller pools and are easy to install and are considered to be a alternative to solar.
  • available in 9kw Season extender for pools less than 35,000l and the 12kw which is suitable for pools less than 45,000 liters.

Zodiac ZX400IQ Heat Pump

  • replaces the Z300 Heat Pumps
  • suitable for all season when sized correctly
  • available in 9.5kw,13.6, 17kw, 18kw, 21kw and 24.4kw Heating capacity
  • available in 3 phase models
  • iAqualink WiFi Technology allows control via your smart device
  • These premium quality pool heat pumps are available in a larger range to cope with domestic pools.

Zodiac ZS500 Heat Pump

  • inverter technology to increase efficiency.
  • vertical discharge
  • available in 2 models 15kw and 20kw heating capacity

Zodiac Powerforce Heat Pump

  •  suitable for larger pools
  • 33kw and 45Kw heating capacity
  • 3 Phase units


As a Zodiac Titanium Partner our choice of Heat Pumps are Zodiac. Suitable for most residential pools, heat pumps require accredited installation which we can arrange on your behalf. To discuss the various models and options contact us and one of our team members will assist you.

Zodiac ZS500 Heat Pump
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