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Zodiac Pool Cleaners - Baracuda Pool Cleaners

Zodiac Pool Cleaner Introduction Zodiac AX10 Pool Cleaner Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner
Zodiac Pool Cleaner Introduction Video  Zodiac AX10 & MX6 Video Zodiac G2 Video



Zodiac has an range of pool cleaners to suit your swimming pool.  The ranges covers Zodiac Robotic Pool Cleanerssuction and pressure pool cleaners.

Suction Cleaners connect to skimmer box and run when the pool system is on. They are the best value range of pool cleaners and as they use the skimmer they can have a negative effect on the circulation of the pool.  Suction Cleaners fall into two categories -

  •  Non Mechanical

Non-mechanical Suction cleaners have a rubber circular disc and basically just follow the pool hose in the pool. Suction Cleaners can miss areas and as all pools are different shapes, sizes, some have steps and ledges the success can vary. Zodiac G2, T5 and T3 pool cleaners fall into this category.  The Staff Pick is the Zodiac G2 suction pool cleaner.  Voted in the past in Choice Magazine as the best suction pool cleaner.  Call us on 02 9970 5115 to order or email admin@poolshop.com.au for more information.

  • Mechanical

Mechanical Suction cleaners have internal gears. These gears allow the cleaner to make a series of turns and solve the problem of poor coverage that may be experienced with non-mechanical pool cleaners. The Zodiac MX6 and AX10 (updated and improved MX8) fall into this category.  



We can help if you are looking to replace your existing pool cleaner or looking for a new cleaning solution.  Our team will help to meet your expectations and provide you with the best advise.  Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or  Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Zodiac Pool Cleaners. 

We're Zodiac Titanium Partners and stock only Zodiac's "high end range" to meet your swimming pool needs.  We trial and test all cleaners before we recommend them.  Zodiac suction cleaners are compatible with variable speed pumps and the Cyclonic Leaf Canister.  Contact us for assistance in selecting the right Zodiac Pool Cleaners.

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