Acoustic Box 1598 - 1110(W) x 1100(D) x 900(H)

SKU: 1598 - CB

Acoustic Pump and Filter Enclosure - Model 1598

Galvanised Sheet Metal Enclosure which is internally lined with thick acoustic foaming and finished with thick powder coating.

The enclosure also includes a dressed pine timber panel along the rear panel.

Product External Measurements (mm) Internal Measurements (mm)
Model 1597 1110(w) x 660(D) x 900(H)  1045(W) x 605(D) x 855(H)


Available Options

* Option for 1300mm height (please call for this option - adds $100) 

* No Extra Cost Backless Option (adds 50mm to depth). 

* Optional H3 Rated Timber Footings. Cut to exact specifications, pre-drilled and includes the timber screws.

* Colour Options


  • Easy to assemble and take less than 5 minutes (on average) - NO nuts and bolts, NO screws or any special tools required!
  • Reduce Noise by up to 80% - Please see Acoustic Engineer's report here
  • Offer more internal space for easier access - with no bars across the middle and a fully removable front door
  •  Save money on design - A custom designed box made from timber or other material will undoubtedy cost more - and won't look as good!
  • Save money on equipment - Inferior or cheaper alternatives may cost you more money in the long run as they may be poorly ventilated and damage your equipment.
  • Save money on running costs - A properly sound-proofed box means that you can save money on electrcity by turning on your equipment at night
  • Comply with all state and council requirements with regards to sound proofing and any other structural aspects.
  • Provide enhanced sturdiness yet lighter than other models on the market
  • Made of galvanized steel with a thick powdercoat finish
  • Anti-corrosion and built to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • Come in various colours (Click here for options)
  • Come with clear and illustrated installation instructions

Acoustttic Box Colours

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