Aqua-Quip Flow Control

SKU: DCC240 - 50mm

Aqua-Quip Flow Control Pro Timer

New Design with Larger Backlit Display

  • The Aqua-Quip Flow Control Timer eliminates the possibility of the booster pump running dry of water as a result of incorrect synchronisation with the pool pump.
  • Reduces wear and tear on the pool cleaner and saves expensive pump repairs
  • Saves power consumption by limiting the operating hours of the booster pump.
  • The Aqua-Quip Flow Control Timer can be used for a variety of applications where water flow is required to switch on an auxiliary electrical device.
  • The Aqua-Quip Flow Control Timer with its integrated flow switch is significantly more reliable and much simpler than installing two separate time clocks.
  • Latest technology provides better pump protection and resolves all the problems with earlier generation models.
  • Aqua-Quip’s 2 year warranty provides the user ultimate peace of mind

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Aqua-Quip Flow Control Timer

  • Flow Switch sensor cable is 2.4m long.
  • Flow Control Box Power Cable is 1.8m long and should be plugged directly into a constant 240v power outlet.
  • Flow Switch has a 3/4” BSP thread, and screws into a Cat 21 Faucet Tee.
  • Faucet Tee is available in either 40mm or 50mm.

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