Aquaquip QC Replacement LED Pool Lights


Aquaquip Replacement QC LED Pool Lights

Aquaquip Replacement QC pool lights replace most pool light brands in concrete pools. 

The Aquaquip Replacement Pool Lights come with a universal bracket and works in conjunction with your current transformer.

Quattro Quad-Colour option is now available in all QC lighting fixtures. Quattro provides bright and vivid colours of White, Blue, Aqua & Green. Simply switch
off/on to move between these colours.

These replacement pool lights are high-intensity LED Pool Lights that are significantly brighter than older 100w halogen lights.

What's Included in the kit -

  • White dress ring included
  • operating from a supply voltage from 12 Volt AC to 32 Volt AC, thereby utilising the existing transformer.
  • Available in single fixed colour: White, Green, Blue (suitable for 12v/24v and 32v Transformers)
  • Available in Multi Colour option (ideal for 12v/24v and 32v Transformers), programs allow flashing mode, scroll mode of all colours of the spectrum, and specific colour
  • Energy-efficient - drawing only 15% of the power requirements of older tyle halogen lights.
  • Simple replacement
  • Australian Made


  • Stroud Compact 150
  • Stroud SM400
  • Swimworld
  • Waterco
  • Filtrite
  • Spa Electrics
  • Poolrite
  • Autumn Solar, Questa, Chameleon


  • Quick-connect feature
  • Amazing LED colours
  • Variable voltage technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Stylish Design Ring

    Aquaquip Brochure

    Video for replacement pool lights 

    Power Requirement: 12V ~ 32V AC 50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption – Fixed Colour LEDs: Maximum 16VA at all Voltages 12V ~ 32V
    Power Consumption – (Multi Colour LEDs): Maximum 22VA at all Voltages 12V ~ 32V
    Light Colour: White >5,000K, Blue 475nm, Green 525nm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    Tracy Male
    Awesome product

    I waited nearly 5 years with degrading pool lights, non functional for 2 years. Probably the easiest thing I have ever put together. The The instruction were so thorough and included details for so many brands being swapped out - mine included. Even with the old lights being full of water and the wires eroded and not even connected, the lights were flawless. They even synchronised as soon as the second light was replaced. Couldn’t rate this product any higher!!!

    Paul Pennesi
    Aquaquip QC Replacement LED Pool Lights

    Easy enough to install, look great.
    But, due to my original lights' inset bracket sitting proud, they don't exactly sit flush on my pebbled wall.
    All good.

    Alex Velasquez
    Easy peasy

    Nice product and easy to install. Poolshop are the good guys

    Craig Schneider
    Transformed my pool

    Easy to install and has transformed the pool at night. Very happy with the result.

    David Pack
    Replacement pool light

    Installation of replacement light was simple with very good instructions. Poolshop responded promptly to inquiry and despatch. Delivery however was slower than expected.

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