Aquaquip Transformer 12Volt 1 x 30Va (plug in)


Aquaquip Transformer 12Volt 1 x 30Va 

  • Order Code: APL511N
  • single LED light installations
  • Plug-In 
  • 1 X 30Va
  • Not suitable for halogen lights

Dimming of Aqua-Quip LED Fixed Colour Lights (i.e., white, blue, and green) is possible. Aqua-Quip recommends the HPM Leading Edge Dimmer Cat. 200L. Pool owners cannot dim Aqua-Quip Multi Colour LED Lights. 

Pool Light Transformer Compliance

To comply with AS/NZS 3000:2007 Clause, for new pool construction, each underwater light must be supplied from an individual isolation transformer or an individual winding on an isolation transformer. To comply with this legislation and facilitate the simple installation of multiple LED pool lights, Aqua-Quip supplies transformers with either 1, 2, or 4 individual windings.

Customer Reviews

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Robbie O'Brien
Great product lousy courier

Your company and the product is 10/10. The deliverer is not... Couriers Please . He did not advise us at all of his parcel drop off. A second parcel from another company he delivered did get notified to us. But his 2 photos showed our letter box (ok) and the letterbox next door??? Their letterbox did have a parcel from Australia Post in it. This of cause caused us to expect it was ours. They may be economical to use, but we have had 2 other problem deliveries from the same company and driver. MY POOL LIGHT IS WONDERFUL THANKYOU.

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