Aquaquip Transformer (2 x 50va)


Aquaquip Transformer (runs up to 2 x 50va lights)

Aqua-Quip Transformers are robust and reliable and are available in a variety of voltages. 24v and 32v transformers are for replacements only and are not to be used on new pool construction.

Transformers comply with AS61558.2.6, ensure they are installed to AS/NZS 3000:2007.  

Aqua-Quip Transformers are simple to install, are available in hard-wired and plug-in models and deliver a safe extra low voltage supply to operate either LED or halogen pool lights. For new pools each underwater light must be supplied from an individual transformer (or individual winding on a transformer having a number of secondary windings).

To facilitate the simple installation of multiple lights in a single pool Aqua-Quip supplies transformers with either 2 x secondary 50va outputs (#APL502) or 4 x secondary 50va outputs (#APL504). The circuit capacity of the outputs must not be exceeded

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