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Aquastar EVO II Pool Light Packs

Aquastar EVOII Pool Lights are a popular choice for new pools. The beauty of the Evo2 is that the lights sit flush with the pool wall making them totally unobtrusive.

The lights are stylish and modern making them ideal for all types of pools, water features, spas, fountains, waterfalls, beach areas, ponds and catch tanks.

Aquastar EVOII Pool Lights are available in packs with include the lights housings, lights, cables and transformers. 

Evo2 LED lights are available in either fixed colour or multi-colour options. The fixed colours are white, blue or green – the multi-colour option features Aqua-Quip’s unique Colour Selection Palette which provides an almost limitless variety of colour possibilities and a vast array of pre-programmed scroll and flash modes.

Available to suit concrete pools

  • available in white, green, blue and multi colour variations
  • The “flushest” pool light on the market!


Nominal Supply Voltage: 12V AC 50/60 Hz  
Voltage Tolerance: +20%, -20%  
Protection Rating: IPX8 (to 2.0m depth)  
Power Consumption: White, blue and green = 8 VA
Power Consumption: Spectrum III Multi Colour = 16 VA maximum  
Light Output (typical): White-550 lumens, blue-180 lumens, green-500 Lumens  
Fault Protection: Power-cycle “run dry” thermal cut out. Voltage transient clamping.  
Evo2 LED Lights must only be operated underwater as they are water-cooled.  


Aquaquip EVO II Specifications

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