Astral E Series Salt Chlorinator

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Astral E Series Salt Chlorinator 

The Astral Pool (Fluidra) E Series Salt Chlorinator offers a reliable entry-level reverse polarity Salt Chlorinator at a great price. Available in two sizes, E25 Salt Chlorinator 25 gm/hr and E35 Salt Chlorinator 35 gm/hr. These chlorinators are less maintenance with their self-cleaning function, and we find the E Series Salt Chlorinator range is popular with rental properties.

These chlorinators are Australian Made with quality components that ensure years of trouble-free operation.

The E Series Chlorinator has an internal electronic time clock designed to operate the Filtration pump for up to 2 separate periods each day. The control box has a non-replaceable power backup power source designed to maintain timer setting memory in the event of an infrequent and short power interruption.

The recommended salt level for an E Series Chlorinator is 6000ppm. The chlorinator requires between 4000ppm to 6000ppm to function. 

It is vital that your chlorinator is sized correctly depending on the average temperature in your area, the volume of your pool and if the pool is heated or will be heated in the future.  Contact us, and we will assist you through this process.

Astral E Series Chlorinator


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We can help if you are looking to replace your salt chlorinator or looking for a new pool chlorination solution. Our team will help meet your expectations and provide you with the best advice. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or  Contact us, and we will gladly answer your questions on Astral E25 Salt Chlorinator and E35 Salt Chlorinator.


Need installation? Call us, and we can arrange the installation of Astral Salt Chlorinators in most areas.  

Model No.



Pool Coverage
Chlorine output/hour 25 gms/hr 35 gms/hr
Pool volume (temperate climate) 96,000L 120,000L
Pool volume (tropical climate) 50,000L 75,000L
Salt levels 4000 to 8000 ppm 4000 to 8000 ppm
Recommended salt levels 6000 ppm 6000 ppm
Max filter pump current draw 8.9 amps 8.9 amps
Clock timer settings 2 timers 2 timers

Customer Reviews

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Steve Monahan
Astral E Series Salt Chlorinator

Firstly Poolshop were excellent to deal with. I procrastinated quite a bit on the purchase and had many questions. They were very friendly and helpful. Poolshop pricing was the best I could find anywhere and delivery was quick - even during COVD.
I recently changed to the Astral E series after owning 2 Zodiac LM2 chlorinators. I basically got sick of having to replace the cell every couple of years and the chlorinator 5 years and just recently only after 4 years. I expect better than that for the cost. Whilst Astral and Zodiac are now owned by the same company Fluidra, I'm hoping I will get better long term results from the Astral set up. Only time will tell. For now the Austral is working very well and I'm happy with it. I can say that the unit itself is significantly heavier than the Zodiac indicating larger transformers. The overall construction appears sold with good weather insulating on the boards etc. The control panel is easy to use.

Philip Martin
Astral E35 Chlorinator

Ordered and sent Same Day. Easy to install works great. Great Price.

Great advice and service

I inquired about a dearer model initially but was correctly advised I would not use all the features and the cheaper unit was the best option. Rare these days to get truthful advice.

When I ordered it was despatched same day and received the next day and is installed and working perfectly. Could not ask for more.

Ian Carrigan
Austral 25 + Blue Connect

Fantastic service, great advice!! Thank you Pete. The blue connect will save me running to the pool shop for tests.

Peter Scholten

First class product, works great easy to program.

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