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Astral Heat Pumps

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Inverter Models
Astral Pool Inverter ECO iHP70 10amp   78560  $4,178.50
Astral Pool Inverter ECO iHP90 10 amp 78561 $4,629.44
Astral Pool Inverter ECO iHP120 15 amp 78562 $5,458.79
  • Astral Heat Pumps must be installed outdoors.
  • Minimum clearances of 500 mm on sides and back and 1000 mm in front of the unit to ensure efficient operation.
  • An electrical isolation switch needs to be installed nearby the unit to allow servicing. 
  • In-built timer
  • Quiet operation
  • 50 mm  PVC Connections
  • chlorinators must always be installed after the heat pump.
  • Titanium Heat Exchangers
  • Low flow rates required 
  • Astral Heat Pumps are also available in top discharge models
    Astral Eco Inverter Heat Pumps


Astral Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly option to heat your pool. Operating on a similar principal to your refrigerator or air conditioner, Heat Pumps use environmentally friendly refrigerant gas that extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers this heat into the pool water. A nearly silent compressor moves the refrigerant gas through a coil (called evaporator) through which air is forced and collects heat from the surrounding atmosphere. The now superheated refrigerant gas then passes through a titanium heat exchanger (called a condenser) which transfers the heat into the pool water and the cycle starts again. So in fact, the power used by the heat pump does not create any heat, it is simply used to compress and move the refrigerant gas through the evaporator and condenser to collect and transfer heat from the atmosphere into your pool water. For every 1 kW of electricity consumed, AstralPool Heat Pumps will collect up to 13 kW of heat from the atmosphere. Sunshine is not necessary and your Heat Pump will continue to heat your pool in air temperatures as low as 7 degrees. So even if the nights are cold, or the days leading up to the weekend are cool, your AstralPool Heat Pump can heat and maintain your pool water temperature at a comfortable swimming temperature.


AstralPool has a wide selection of heat pumps to suit virtually any size swimming pool, from small residential pools to large public pools. When choosing your heat pump, AstralPool recommend you assess your lifestyle and determine when you want to use your pool. If you wish to swim during the summer and shoulder season only, a small heat pump can be installed, saving on up front costs and ongoing operating costs. However, for all year round swimming, we have the right heat pump too, to ensure you can use your pool at any time of the year.


Astral Heat Pumps are designed for long life and incorporate the following features: Unlike many other heat pumps, the corrosion proof titanium heat exchanger is enclosed in a purpose designed and fully injection moulded housing for maximum strength and long life. The fully moulded plastic Heat Pump case is impervious to corrosion and guarantees maximum life regardless of location, “seaside” tropical north or outback. The high quality commercial digital thermostat ensures the pool water temperature is accurate. The HP88 and HP126 models incorporate a 10 and 15 amp plug for power correction. While larger models must be hard wired by a qualified technician.


Inverter technology enables the swimming pool Heat Pump achieve a higher COP. Working similar to a variable speed pump, as the heat pump approaches the desired temperature the unit will automatically slow down. This will reduce energy usage by maintaining the water temperature at a slower speed. 


The Inverter technology also reduces the noise due to a unique internal ventilation design, the addition of silent mode allows you to operate at anytime without disturbing the neighbours. 


Monitor and set your pool’s temperature even if you’re away on a business trip or holiday through your home’s WiFi, with the optional WiFi module (sold separately). With the HeatPumpGO app (available for Android and iOS devices), your pool temperature will always be r

 More information on these Heat Pumps can be found on The Astral Pool Heat Pump Page.

Click On download Calculator to calculate the appropriate heat pump for your pool. The Calculator opens an excel sheet where pool location and size details can be entered. The calculator will provide running costs and advise which model is best for you. 

Astral Heat Pump Calculator

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