Astral ICI Gas Heater

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The Astral Pool ICI Gas Heater

The AstralPool ICI Gas Heater is the next Generation gas heater range. With the option of Natural or LPG gas, the ICI is available in 200MJ/h and 400MJ/h sizes with indoor and outdoor models to suit every pool owner's needs.

Indoor installations will require a Flue, for more information visit our Heater parts page.

Astral has continued its focus on efficiency without compromising on performance. The ICI Gas heaters have simplified engineering using Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger for durability and have reduced components for easier servicing and maintenance. 

The ICI Pool Heater is compact and comes factory-fitted with standard Astra Pool connections for easy plumbing installation.


  • Low water flow model
  • connectivity to Astral control systems
  • Smallest footprint on the market
  • Full LED display with connectivity to Astral appliances
  • Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger
  • New Ceramic mesh burner
  • Full Premix combustion


We will help you find the right Pool Heater for your pool and advise which Gas Pool Heater meets your needs. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us, and we will gladly answer questions about Gas Pool Heaters.

Model No. 400B MJ/h
Gas Connection AS/NZ 5601
NG - CO Level (p.p.m) 30 - 60
Bromine Max. Content (p.p.m) 5
Chlorine Max. Content (p.p.m) 3
Water Salinity (p.p.m) 4000 max.
Water Calcium Hardness (p.p.m) 150 - 250
Water Total Alkalinity (p.p.m) 80 - 120
Water pH 7.6 - 7.8
Water Flow Rate (L/min) 200 - 500
LPG Gas Inlet Operating Pressure-High Fire (kPa) 2.75
Natural Gas Inlet Operating Pressure-High Fire (kPa) 1.13
LPG Inlet Static Gas Pressure (kPa) 2.75 - 5
Natural Gas Inlet Static Gas Pressure (kPa) 1.13 - 5
Gas Usage Rate of Nominal Rate (%) +/- 5
LPG - CO Level (p.p.m) 50 - 150

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