Astral P520 XT Pool Pump

Viron Astral P520 XT Energy Efficient Pool Pump

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Astral P520 Xt Pool Pumps are made for large pools or for applications where large water flow is required ie large Waterfalls. The Astral 520 XT is a 9 Star Energy Rated variable-speed pump with a DC motor and will significantly reduce operating costs, lower noise levels and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Energy Efficient Pumps reduce electricity usage by slowing down water flow rates for each pool application. Speeds are set to suit pool filters, plumbing and each application.

The Astral Viron XT Pump range have the ability to control control prime speed and prime duration. The XT motor allows for 30% faster priming with its 3600 rpm motor.  Energy pumps also works well with robotic pool cleaners as there is no pressure on the pool filtration system so there is no need to run the pool pump on high speed.

Features & Benefits of the Astral P520 XT -

  • Australian Made
  • 9 Star Energy Rating
  • Variable Speed Control Whisper Quiet
  • Two Models Available P320XT and P520XT

IMPORTANT NOTE - All Astral Viron equipment must be sold with an installation.  Contact us and we will help you through this process.

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Great service and awesome pump
Astral P520 XT poool pump
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