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Astral FX Pump

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Please Call (02) 9970 5115 for the Best Price and Advice 

Model Product Code Rec. Retail $
FX140 (0.5Hp) 11461 $747.78
FX190 (0.75Hp) 11456 $770.44
FX250 (1.0 Hp) 11457


FX340 (1.5Hp) 11459 $1026.50

If you require a pump for an above ground pool or a pump for heating systems then you can't go past the Astral FX Pump. They provide the quiet, reliable and efficient performance that you look for in a pump while meeting the demands of all the required equipment.

The FX series pump is designed to deliver the power needed to move large volumes of water around while generating very little operating noise. An inbuilt non-return valve eliminates reverse rotation of the impeller in high pressure situations ensuring reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 5 different sizes to meet your equipment needs
  • Quiet operation
  • Designed for use as a booster pump where flooded suction is possible
  • No Hair & Lint Pot
  • 3 Year Warranty

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Astral FX Pump



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
purchase Astral FX250 Pump

Great price, great customer service. Delivered within days. I would highly recommend them.

Smooth and easy transaction

Smooth and easy transaction, ordered the pump over the phone, picked it up and was installed all in under an hour. Had an invoice emailed, thanks again.

FX140 Solar Booster Pump

This is the second one of these pumps I have had. The first lasted 12 years and the new one looks identical although perhaps a little more robust, so I expect it to last even longer. This pump is specifically designed to be used as a flooded pump which means it sits below the main filtering setup and doesn't have a strainer basket and relies on the water being fed to it. Its perfect as a solar booster to get water up onto the roof and heated and back to the pool.

Great price

My local pool shop quoted $900 to supply and install this pump. I bought it here for $400 and with $50 of materials and an hour of my time I was up and running!

Thanks for a great price!

Charlie Cassar

Excellent customer service. Prompt delivery. I have not installed the pumps as the old pump is now working. I think the problem was the Barracuda rather than the pump.

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