Astral Pool JX Gas Pool Heater

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Astral Pool (Hurlcon) JX Gas Heater

The Astral Pool (Hurlcon) JX gas heater is a premium fan forced pool heater designed for wall mounting. Available for indoor and outdoor application and ideal for confined spaces. The pool heater’s forced draft combustion system means lower clearances from windows and surrounding objects.

  • available in indoor and outdoor
  • LPG and Natural Gas
  • Flue Cowling may be required if ordering Indoor models

The JX Gas spa and pool heaters are wall-mounted, saving space and making maintenance easy. Flues usually rely on natural draught, but this fan powers the JX draught to be more compact and efficient.

More power to this flue 

Normal flues rely on natural draught, but a fan ‘powers’ the JX Gas Heat draught to be more compact, much more efficient, have higher flow rates and run cooler. 

Outdoor models expel flue gases through a stainless steel slot on the front, so they operate without difficulty in high winds. 

Indoor models have one flue inside another. The inner flue carries combustion gases outside, while the outer duct draws in fresh outside air to feed combustion. It’s a sealed system, so even in an enclosed space, there is no need for additional room ventilation to support combustion. And being fan-driven, the flue can be terminated horizontally, so no flues or cowls on the roof. All in all, the JX flue has the power to deliver higher efficiency, outstanding performance, longer life, and reduced operating costs. 

AstralPool’s heart of gold

At the heart of the JX Gas heater is the impressive AstralPool Copper-Nickel heat exchanger. The ultra-thin fins around each heat exchanger tube absorb all the heat from the burners below and transfer it to the water flowing inside. Copper-nickel provides the highest corrosion resistance available, and the finely honed fins offer 10 times the heat transfer of plain tube.

Unique stainless steel Venturi burners

Developed to ensure short, sharp, even flame distribution, these burners offer long-lasting, corrosion-free operation. The burner design helps generate superior performance from a compact package. They also burn more quietly and more efficiently.

JX heating is IMMEDIATE. 

The JX Series gas pool heaters are so fast they’re able to heat most spas in about an hour and correctly sized, will heat your pool in 24 hours or less. You don’t need to run the heater for long periods to warm the pool. 

Features & Benefits

  • Available for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Heat on demand
  • Efficient to run
  • Wall mounting
  • Smaller design and reduced clearance spaces
  • power flue - reduces clearances
  • Copper-Nickel Heat Exchanger

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Model No. JX 130 JX 160
Input 120 M/J 155 M/J
Water Connections 40mm 40mm
Width 520 651
Depth 299 299
Height 755 755
Front Clearance 500 500
Side Clearance 50 50
Above Clearance 300 300
Below Clearance 900 900


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Peter Lengel
purchasing a spa heater

Very happy with the ordering and delivery process. Received good technical support prior to placing the order. The item was available next day and picked up.

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