Astral Pool Viron P600 Pool Pump

Astral Pool Viron P600 Pool Pump

Discontinued and replaced with the Astral P520 XT

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With electricity costs on the rise every pool owner is looking at ways of reducing energy costs. The Astral Pool Viron P600 pool pump has a 8 energy rating which not only means lower running costs for your pool but also reduced Co2 emissions for the environment

How Much will I SAVE

The Astral Pool Viron P600 is designed for large pools and is the ideal replacement for an existing 2Hp single speed pool pump. The Viron P600 will not require plumbing changes if you have an existing Astral Pool (Hurlcon) BX pool Pump.  

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The Viron P600 allows the pool owner to control the speed of the pool pump to be matched with the pool's equipment and pool's water flow requirements.  The P600 lower speed setting can be used for filtration, while higher speeds are set for backwashing, water features or vacuuming. Energy saving on the Astral Viron P600 Pool Pump is result of reducing the speed of the motor. Not only does this save energy but it also means quiet operation and longer equipment life.



Viron eVo  P320 Pump

Viron eVo P600 Pump

Single Speed Pumps

  Low Med High Low Med High CTX 280 BX 1.0 BX 2.0
Power Input (watts) 153.1 661.1 1086.4 147.5 587.1 1582.1 1094.8 1130.4 1909.9
Current (amps) 1.2 4.6 7.7 0.9 2.9 7.6 4.9 5.2 8.7
Flow Rate (lpm) 121.0 212.0 252.0 122.0 216.0 307.0 244.0 245.0 314.0
Efficiency (litres per watt) 47.4 19.2 13.9 49.6 22.1 11.6 13.4 13.0 9.9
Power Factor 0.54 063 0.62 0.73 0.9 0.91 0.97 0.95 0.96
Total Head (m)


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AstralPool Viron Pumps

 P320/P600 - Setting the Clock

P320/P600 - Priming Speed and Time
P320/P600 - Turning Timers On

 P320/P600 - Setting Timers

P320/P600 - Turning Timers Off

P320/P600 - Setup for Viron Connect


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