Astral Robotic Cleaner RTX

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Start saving time and money and use an energy efficient Astral Robotic Pool Cleaner. Over time you will add less chemicals as the Astral Robotic scrubs the walls preventing algae and calcium build up.  Great for leafy pools the Astral Robotic Cleaner uses AquaSmart and Gyroscope technology which means it knows its position for fast and thorough cleaning and there is no cable tangling.  Cleaning the walls and floor, the Astral Robotic is suitable for any pools greater than 3m in width. 

The RTX Robotic uses a cartridge, has top access which is designed leafy pools.  This premium model has a fully programmable transformer that will:
  • display when pool cleaner is full
  • allow cleaner to be programmed to turn on and off when not at home
  • allows 3 cleaning cycles
  • and include caddies for easy storage

3 Year Limited warranty - refer to for full details.



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    RTX Robotic
    Uses cartridge (top access)

    Caddy Included

    Programmable Transformer




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