Astral RP9 (Acid Feeder with Ph Probe)

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Astral RP9 (Acid Feeder with Ph Probe)

The Astral RC9 Acid-only model is for pools that already have a chlorine generator.

The pH balance of your pool and spa is crucial to maintaining a safe, healthy and comfortable swimming environment. pH is a measure of the balance of Alkalines and Acids in your water. If out of balance, the water may cause stinging of the eyes, lower sanitiser effectiveness, and promote the growth of algae and bacteria.

The RolaChem RP9 automatic pH controller measures the pH and then adjusts it with a measured dose of acid, so it always looks great and is safe and healthy to swim in. With sophisticated sensors and software programming, the pH level is continuously monitored and adjusted, taking into account weather conditions or bather load.

Model No. RP9 0/1 RP9 0/5 RP9 0/20
Pool Coverage
Max RPM pH pump 1 5 20
Pool size 45,000L 120,000L 250,000L


  • Controls pH levels
  • Lower sanitiser consumption
  • Reduces red eyes and skin irritations
  • Maintains healthy and safe swimming environment
  • Reduces time & maintenance

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