Astral RPT Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Astral RPT Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner


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The new Astral RPT Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is the Rolls Royce of Astral's Robotic Pool Cleaner Range.  Extremely durable and making pool cleaning a breeze.  It has a remote control so you can clean problem spots or areas easily.  The RPT Plus robotic pool cleaner will give yout that professional pool clean finish.  The RPT Plus pool cleaner does not use a swivel.

The features of the RPT Plus include -

  • top entry to the canister, this is the most maintenance free method
  • remote control, perfect for focusing on problem spots in the pool
  • caddy, essential accessory for any robotic pool cleaner 
  • programmable timer, allows you to programme your cleans
  • Dual Motor - Improves power and turning Radius and the durability.
  • 2 Year warranty

It cleans 4 times better

Thanks to the new 3D filter bag, it cleans 4 times better than other filters. The New filter bag fabric has loops that trap even the smallest microparticles.

For all types of debris

Easy-to-adjust nozzle for any condition. Retracting the nozzle picks up light particles with ease, while having the nozzle released allows the pickup of heavier particles.

For all types of pool

The PVA wheels ensure that your cleaner adapts perfectly to any surface, whether tiling, a liner, polyester or painted concrete. They ensure maximum grip to walls and all type of slopes


Aquasmart is a patented algorithm by Astralpool which instructs the robot what to do. It is the brain of AstralPool robotic cleaners and is able to cover the pool surface and to minimize the potential of floating cable entanglement.

GYRO Technology

Gyro is a smart navigation system, exclusive to AstralPool. It is able to sense all the movements in 3 dimensions by using a 3 axis sensor and is equipped by an accelerometer that informs if the robotic cleaner is moving. This guarantees pools are thoroughly cleaned during each cycle by avoiding all types of obstacles, even avoiding the power cable from getting tangled.

Dual Motors

Dual motors improve power and turning radius.

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