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RPT Robotic Pool Cleaner - Top Access

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The new Astral RPT Robotic Pool Cleaner is easy to use with it's top access canister filter system and simple on / off function.  The robotic is extremely durable with it's dual motor cleaning any size pool. The RPT features a swivel to stop the cable getting tangled.  This model robotic doesn't include a caddy but these can be purchased separately. 

The main features of the RPT -

  • Cleans all pool sizes floor, walls, steps and ledges
  • Swivel to stop the tangling of cables
  • Dual motor for durability
  • Canister for ease of use and low maintenance
  • Smart navigation system

It cleans 4 times better

Thanks to the new 3D filter bag, it cleans 4 times better than other filters. The New filter bag fabric has loops that trap even the smallest microparticles.

For all types of debris

Easy-to-adjust nozzle for any condition. Retracting the nozzle picks up light particles with ease, while having the nozzle released allows the pickup of heavier particles.

For all types of pool

The PVA wheels ensure that your cleaner adapts perfectly to any surface, whether tiling, a liner, polyester or painted concrete. They ensure maximum grip to walls and all type of slopes


Aquasmart is a patented algorithm by Astralpool which instructs the robot what to do. It is the brain of AstralPool robotic cleaners and is able to cover the pool surface and to minimize the potential of floating cable entanglement.

GYRO Technology

Gyro is a smart navigation system, exclusive to AstralPool. It is able to sense all the movements in 3 dimensions by using a 3 axis sensor and is equipped by an accelerometer that informs if the robotic cleaner is moving. This guarantees pools are thoroughly cleaned during each cycle by avoiding all types of obstacles, even avoiding the power cable from getting tangled.

Mechanical Swivel System

Mechanical Swivel System prevents the power cable from becoming tangled & allows cleaner to freely traverse your pool without problems.

Dual Motors

Dual motors improve power and turning radius.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very Quick delivery to interstate Qld

Very quick on delivery to interstate QLD.
To early to advise on the product as yet, but so far happy

5 Star

This is my second Austral Robotic pool cleaner and after a very poor experience with a local pool shop, regretfully this prompted us to look on line. We were very happy with the advise, prompt service and the best price in Australia ($595 less expensive than quoted locally) Highly recommended


Very happy with the whole transaction, thank you,

Astral RPT

What an amzaing pool cleaner! From the moment we put it in the pool, we could see it picking up dust particals in its tracks! The 2 microns is amazing! The amount that it picked up, both tiny and big, were unbelievable - we could not believe we had gone so long without this baby in our lives! It walked up the walls, and steps and even when it tipped over, it would do its thing and flip itself back over! It ran completely silently and the tangle free cord was fantastic. We've only had it for about 2wks, and it has been a life changer! When figuring out what to buy, the lady at the poolshop was so very helpful. We contacted her about another branded robot, and through her expertise and questions, she recommended the Astral mainly because of the 2 microns and the shape and size of our pool, and we could not be happier! Its been a complete life changer! Could not recommend the Poolshop or the Astral RPT enough!!

Astral RPT

I have tried my RPT and I am happy with its performance. It cleaned lots of leaves from the pool and I was surprised at the amount it collected from the floor. Pool was very dirty due to weather and dust but the RPT worked on. I will need to get the pool back to really clean and I think the RPT will be very useful in keeping it that way. A good item and I am more that happy that the Poolshop was able to deal with my order during the holidays. I am very happy with the service I received.

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