Astral Pool VX Salt Chlorinators

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Astral Pool VX Salt Chlorinators

The Astral Pool VX Salt Chlorinator is easy to use and packed with features. Its reliability has made the VX Chlorinator the best-reviewed chlorinator. The Astral VX Chlorinators are Australian Made, and with the self-cleaning ability, the VX Salt Chlorinator is perfect for any pool and spa combination.

The VX Chlorinator converts the chloride in Salt or minerals into chlorine, sanitising your pool. The salts or minerals pass through the VX chlorinator cell to form chlorine, killing all the contaminants within the pool and preventing bacteria and algae from forming. The result is pure, crystal clear, soft feeling water and happy, healthy swimmers.  

Manual dosing of liquid or granular chlorine can be hazardous. Overdosing can cause eye irritation, itchy skin, and a strong chlorine order. The Astral VX Salt Chlorinator continuously generates the precise level of chlorine required into your pool. With the convenience of a touchpad Pool owners, can adjust the output, and operating hours can be preset. 

The VX Chlorinator is simply the best salt chlorinator on the market.

They are available in 3 different sizes to suit various pool volumes and climate conditions.

The Astral VX salt chlorinator range has the best warranty and backup service.

Astral VX Chlorinator Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use control system
  • Available with or without a time clock
  • Self-cleaning
  • A precise level chlorine output adjustment
  • 3 Year unconditional cell warranty
  • 3-year pro-rata control box warranty


We can help if you are looking to replace your Chlorinator or looking for a new Chlorination solution. Our team will help meet your expectations and provide you with the best advice. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us, and we will gladly answer your questions on Astral Salt Chlorinators. 


Need installation? Call us and arrange the installation of Astral VX Chlorinators in most areas. 


Model No.



VX 11T

Pool Coverage
Chlorine output/hour 25 gms/hr 30 gms/hr 42 gms/hr
Pool volume (temperate climate) 96,000L 120,000L 160,000L
Pool volume (tropical climate) 50,000L 75,000L 100,000L
Salt levels 3000 to 8000 ppm 3000 to 8000 ppm 3000 to 8000 ppm
Recommended salt levels 4000 ppm 4000 ppm 4000 ppm
Max filter pump current draw 8.9 amps 8.9 amps 8.9 amps
Clock timer settings 4 timers 4 timers 4 timers

 * Timers can now be deactivated - so that users can use external timers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Dave Mearns
Astral VX9T chlorinator

Great sales support from Heidi, answered all my queries promptly, met the delivery date as offered, price was good , thats why i am a repeat customer

Thanks Guys

Tony Trinh
Astral Vx11t chlorinator

Great service from and also best price. Unit was professionally installed and easy to use!

John Allen
Astral VX9 Salt Water Clorinator 01/12/2022

Great phone service and advice from Tom the price way better then I could find anywhere. Free delivery to the Central Coast in two days easy to install only 20mins. Had the Clorinator working 8hrs a day faultlessly great product.

John Redmond
Astral Pool Chlorinator

Purchased my new Salt Chlorinator from the Pool Shop. Great Service and advice from the support team and it was delivered on time with no hassles.

John Boyce
Astral Chlorinator

Great service and price, they answered all my questions and the delivery only took a few days as l was expecting a lot longer. It took a few hours to change the pipe work, the setup for the cell was different to the old chlorinator but all went well. Very happy but there is one question l have is do the 8 lights for the chlorinator setting stay on 24 hours of the day.

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