Astral ZX Filter Cartridge Complete

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Astral ZX Cartridge Filters

Astral ZX Cartridge Filters are a compact design. As a backwash line is not a requirement, it makes ZX Cartridge Filter model the perfect solution for water restrictions or if space is an issue. 

Australian-made with quality products, the ZX filters come in a range of sizes. If you need assistance sizing a cartridge for your pool, please contact us. The ZX Cartridge filter is complete (housing and filter). 

Replacement Cartridges for the ZX Astral Filters should be replaced every 2 years.

The ZX cartridge filter reduces maintenance while saving thousands of liters of water every year. It takes just 100 litres of water to clean the antimicrobial elements instead of backwashing thousands of litres to clean a sand filter. The ZX cartridge filter makes it easier to be responsible with water. 

Manual air bleeding is no longer necessary. The ZX cartridge filter has a built-in automatic air bleed system. The 50mm water connections glue in for fast installation and can handle high flow rates.


  • Oil-filled pressure gauge for accurate readings and long life
  • Easy to remove the lid - lift off gently when unwinding the large lock ring
  • Self-lock on lock ring prevents over-tightening and locks in position to prevent accidental loosening
  • Three inlets and one outlet enable easy to position and replacement of older cartridge filters
  • Barrel union connections allow easy service and replacement in future
  • Less maintenance required
  • Antimicrobial elements used for cleaner water
  • Flexible configuration
  • Astral ZX Cartridge Filters are available in 6 different sizes


Talk to the team at about your requirements; we help with replacement pool filters or filters for new pools. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us, and we will happily answer any questions on filters.  


Need installation? Call us on 02 9970 5115, and we will arrange the installation of filters in most areas across Australia. 

    Model No. ZX 50 ZX 75 ZX 100 ZX 150 ZX 200 ZX 250
    Pool Coverage
    Flow rate 225 lpm 290 lpm 375 lpm 445 lpm 490 lpm 515 lpm
    Max pressure 300 300 300 300 300 300
    Filter area 4.7m² 7.0m² 9.4m² 14.0m² 19.0m² 24.0m²
    Weight 7.0kg 8.0kg 15.5kg 16.5kg 24.0kg 25.0kg
    Height 510mm 510mm 710mm 710mm 910mm 910mm

    Customer Reviews

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    Ange B
    Great price, excellent service and fast delivery

    I looked into buying this from our local pool shop and even when I asked for best price I still received standard RRP. I was blown away that I could get the exact same product for literally $360 cheaper. Received it in three days, which pool shop said would take them that long to order in anyway, fitted it to our system and it has been perfect, exactly what was advertised. Highly recommend from my experience.

    Astral ZX 250

    Great service. Now, the pool looks crystal clear. Fantastic people to deal with and a great product.

    Excellent service, price and communication

    I live in Melbourne and was having trouble finding what I wanted for a reasonable price. I rang the pool shop and not only were they able to help me, their price was a lot less than other pool suppliers. They sent it straight away and I received it in 3 days from Sydney. I was very impressed by this company and would highly recommend them for pool supplies

    David Pellegrini
    ZX 200

    Called up & ordered over the phone, dispatched & delivered straight away. Unit was well packaged & great value.
    Extremely happy with the unit and service. Thank you!
    Highly valued seller!


    Great product and great service; very easy transaction would highly recommend

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