Blue Connect

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Astral Blue Connect

The Blue Connect smart water analyzer measures the main water settings:-

  • temperature
  • pH
  • ORP
  • conductivity

The innovative probe continuously measures these core pool parameters and reports the results via app alerts to a smart phone.

Cutting Edge Technology

Blue Connect Continuously and precisely measures pH, disinfectant level (oxidation rate), temperature and water conductivity thanks to its 4-in-1 sensor.

Always Connected

Sigfox  Sigfox: Blue Connect continuously sends the data to the cloud via a network dedicated to connected devices (check Sigfox coverage
Bluetooth Bluetooth: Take an instant measure directly with Bluetooth
WiFi Wi-Fi: Use Blue Connect with your WiFi with Blue extenderBlue Extender


Plug & Play

Blue Connect is easy to install in either the pool (just floats in pool) or by installing the Blue connect in the plant room room with a Blue Fit50 (pictured below). 

Blue Fit50

Free App

User can access their pool data with their smart phone. Alerts are sent when action is required and personalised tips are provided to ensure optimal use of chemicals.

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