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AstralPool Blue Connect

The Blue Connect smart water analyzer measures the main water settings. The device acts like a pool water test kit with the innovative probe continuously measures these core pool parameters and reports the results via app alerts to a smart phone. The App will also advise on what needs to be added to the pool to rectify the water chemistry. 

The Blue Connect is a great way to check your water between visits to a pool shop. The device does not measure Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and stabiliser which is best to be checked monthly at a pool shop. If other parameters are not corrected, the advice from the machine may not be correct. 

  • temperature
  • pH
  • ORP
  • conductivity
 Blue Connect


Cutting Edge Technology

Blue Connect Continuously and precisely measures pH, disinfectant level (oxidation rate), temperature and water conductivity thanks to its 4-in-1 sensor.

Always Connected

Sigfox  Sigfox: Blue Connect continuously sends the data to the cloud via a network dedicated to connected devices (check Sigfox coverage
Bluetooth Bluetooth: Take an instant measure directly with Bluetooth
WiFi Wi-Fi: Use Blue Connect with your WiFi with Blue extenderBlue Extender


Plug & Play

Blue Connect is easy to install in either the pool (just floats in pool) or by installing the Blue connect in the plant room room with a Blue Fit50 (pictured below). 

Blue Fit50

Free App

User can access their pool data with their smart phone. Alerts are sent when action is required and personalised tips are provided to ensure optimal use of chemicals.

Blue Connect Step By Step

Customer Reviews

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Installed with bluefit50 in equipment box and works well despite us being in a remote location. Had a couple of attempts to get it to register correctly, but after that worked fine.
Support from Fluidra-Riiot Labs (Belgium) was also excellent in terms of responding to my initial queries about the Sigfox registration and troubleshooting the comms.
I have also linked via IFTTT to home automation platform to adjust rolachem rc9 run times etc
Well thought out product, that is very well made and well integrated into IOT.


so far so good

Great tool

Works very well. Best if you're pool is outdoors and has access to satellites. Otherwise you might want to get the BT/wifi module

This device is AMAZING

No more begging the teenager to run a test so I know what to bring home.

It pings my mobile all by itself - telling me what is happening. this is a life saver. 10/10 would buy again if needed

Great product,Great Services

I just bought Blue connect, great product to check my pool condition on my phone daily or anytime I want . Notifications to tell me how much chemical to put in to adjust ph, chlorine etc. Highly recommended to new pool owner who want a peaceful mind for ur family playing in the pool!

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