Cyclonic Leaf Catcher

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Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher

Attached with Zodiac twist lock hoses the Cyclonic Leaf Catcher floats on the pool surface. The Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf catcher collected debris before it reaches the skimmer. 

The Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Eater is designed to be used with pool suction cleaners. It is compatible with Twist Lock hoses (Global Hoses). It is possible to connect the Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf catcher to other hoses but other fittings may be required. 

The Zodiac Cyclonic prevents the skimmer box from getting clogged and can save your pool pump from being starved of water. Great when you are away or have forgotten to empty your skimmer basket. 


Cyclonic Suction
It delivers maximum suction power with no extra strain on pump.

Large & Transparent Leaf Canister
It offers easy control and maintenance with less frequent debris removal.

Compatible with All Suction Cleaners
The Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher is suitable for Zodiac Twist & Lock™ hoses as well as all other standard pool hoses of suction cleaners. - Extra connections may be required - please contact us for details.

Operation With suction pool cleaners only.
Compatibility Suitable for Twist & Lock™ and all standard hoses
Warranty 2 Yrs
   For more information visit Zodiac Cyclonic 

Customer Reviews

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leaf catcher

fast delivery,leaf catcher works well

Zodiac Cyclonic leaf catcher

very prompt delivery, great price and it works very well

Leaf catcher

So far all good. Early days.

Zodiac on line leaf strainer

so far it works well. it's a bit early to compare it to previous types.

zodiac Leaf catcher

Great service and price this ,is my second leaf catcher it works a treat and keeps the bulky rubbish from the skimmer box, combined with my barracuda the pool is clean all the time.

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