Daisy Solar Pool Covers With Right Hand Step


Select your Cover Thickness (525 micron the most durable)


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Pool Covers With Right Hand Step

Bonus Offer:- Free Connection Kit with All Solar Covers * - Valued at $29!

Daisy Pool Covers use their exclusive UltraDome technology to create a tough pool cover without weak point to extend the life of their pool covers. Daisy Pool Covers last longer than other brands as UltraDome technology adds strength and thickness to the areas of the cover where it is actually required.

If you are replacing a pool cover and would like to reattach the cover to your existing roller you will require a refit kit. These kits are automatically supplied when purchasing the pool cover roller. (*unless a roller is purchased at the same time as rollers come with refit kits)

The Benefits of Daisy Pool Covers:

For further information visit www.daisypoolcovers.com.au



How to measure for your Daisy pool cover:
  1. Measuring your pool is simply a matter of measuring the maximum water level width (A) and length (B) of the main body of water. See illustrations below
  2. Using a tape measure, measure the length (B) and width (A) of your pool
  3. Daisy will include extra material to allow for upturn and shrinkage, so the exact water level measurements are all that are required
  4. If your pool has steps, measure the step area separately (see below)
  5. If you have a uniquely shaped pool, treat it as rectangular (see below).

Measuring Pool Cover

Customer Reviews

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My New Daisy Pool Cover

I purchased the 525 Titanium Blue cover 8.0m x 3.0m with a 3.0m x 1.5m right step. It arrived sooner than expected with a free connection kit. Installation was easy, I'm in a bushy area and have a pool heater so the cover is keeping the leaves out and the heat in.

I'm very please with the quality of the cover and it was an easy process to order it online from the Poolshop.

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