Dolphin X40 Plus

SKU: x40plus

Maytronics Dolphin X 40 Plus

Simlar to S300 which is sold only by Maytronic Dealers

Features and benefits:

  • Ideal for pools up to 12m in length
  • Warranty 2 Years (18m Cable)
  • Pool floor, walls and waterline cleaning coverage
  • 2 hours cleaning cycle
  • 18m cable length
  • Multi-layer filter for fine and rough debris
  • Smartphone navigation control
  • Full 24 month Manufacturer’s Warranty 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Tilton
great customer service

excellent product and excellent service. delivery was within 2 days.

Justin Pozzebon
Does exactly what was quoted

Very happy with how this robot works, pool is immaculate. Very glad I went with this model after reading all the reviews.

Martin Roche
Dolphin X40 revview

I always look at the reviews prior to making an online purchase, but they can be conflicting and you never know if it is a real purchaser or the manufacturer who has put the response up, however this is a real one. My previous cleaner died after 6 years so I wanted something good to replace it and found the Dolphin. I l shopped around for the price and Poolshop was about $500 better priced than local pool shops in my area. Covid 19 meant delivery was about a week after despatch, but I wasn't in a rush so no big deal. The item arrived and I assembled it, which was straightforward, except for taking off the panel to fit the wheels onto the trolley. Lift and pull, did not do enough to release the plastic tabs, so using a nail file I managed to get in and flick the tabs free. Whilst all of this was happening I had already flaked out the power cord on the cleaner. (Some reviews had commented on this being tangled as the machine was in use) It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, so the cord lay in gentle sunlight and when I had finished the trolley assembly, I coiled the cord up carefully, making sure that the free end was free to twist as any kinks were unravelled. Then I flaked the cord out again on the pool edge, plugged it into the controller and dropped it in the pool. Set it running and about 2.5hrs later my pool was looking good. I have used it several times now and it easily gets rid of fine dust and large leaves, as well as doing a great job on the waterline. It could not be simpler to clean, lift out the filter basket and hose out the micro filter and give the rougher filter a good wash. I'd recommend this to any one.

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