Enviroswim ES3 System


Enviroswim ES3 System

Enviroswim ES3 is an innovative and effective pool water purification system. The Enviroswim ES3 enables you to minimise the use of chemicals in your pool, cuts costs, and reduces damage to the environment.

The Enviroswim ES3 system uses silver and copper electrodes, ionization, and ultrasonics. This combination removes the bacteria and algae from the pool and leaves you with pure, clean water, which is more enjoyable to swim in. The amount of chlorine produce is minuscule and almost undetectable. 

The ES3 requires 1500 PPM of Total dissolved solids to operate. Pool Salt is used to achieve this level of Total Dissolved Solids. This low level of salt is perfect for owners concerned about the corrosive properties of salt, which can affect pavers, pool furniture, and fittings around the pool. 

Copper is an algaecide, and silver is an anti-bacterial agent. But neither copper nor silver has oxidizing properties. If you try to run a pool just on copper and silver, you don’t have anything to break down the organic compounds. The ES3 a combination of electronic oxidisation and ultrasonics.

Enviroswim is often mistakenly confused with standard Pool Ionisers. This is not the case; the powerful oxidiser and ultrasonics are the main drivers; the third process uses minuscule levels of copper & silver ions. Unlike Pool Ionisers, our ion levels are very low, approximately 20% of the levels permitted in municipal drinking water supplies.

What You Get

  • Wall-mounted control unit
  • Flow Cell (connects to PVC pipe on return line)
  • ES3 electrode x 2
  • Ultrasonic system
  • Electronic oxidising system
  • Test Kit
  • Installation Instructions
  • Operating Instructions


  • We can help if you are looking to replace your pool chlorinator or looking for a new fresh water chlorination solution. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us, and we will gladly answer your questions on Enviroswim ES3 Systems.


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