Feed Hose First Section (dark) - JV502

SKU: JV502

Jet Vac Hose: Jet Vac Dark Blue Hose

Jet Vac Dark Blue Hose JV502 is the middle Jet vac Hose. It is located between the White Starter Hose JV501 and the Light Blue JV503 hose. Each Hose is connect with a Jet Vac Swivel JVD5 which uses two mender nuts to retain the applicable hose to each side of the swivel. 

After time this hose can look light is colour. 


The Dark Blue Jet vac Hose is the only hose which is cut during installation. When setting up the Jet Vac Hoses, start by connecting all the hoses to the wall outlet, then taking the hoses to the furthest end of the pool. The hose should be 600mm longer than the furthest point. Any extra hose must be cut off the Dark Blue section JV502. 


  • Dark Blue
  • JV502
  • approximately 4.6m long
  • Genuine Jet Vac Hose

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Karen Smiley
Extremely quick delivery.

I've ordered a few parts now from the Poolshop and am happy to recommend them to all. Parts received are as described and some have been received the very next day. Amazingly prompt delivery.

Peter Cistulli
jet vac part order

excellent service

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