Filter Cleaner and Degreaser


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Class 8: Corrosive Liquid - Classified Dangerous Good (ADG)

Strong Organic and Inorganic Compound

Proprietary blend which removes grim, organic build up and CALCIUM SCALE unlike most other filter cleaners on the market


  • 24 hour application.
  • Enhances chemical performance.
  • Prolongs life of filter media.
  • Advanced formulations for the cleaning and degreasing of D.E. filters and cartridge filter grids.
  • Also used for all types of sand filters.
  • Removes grime, dead algae, oil, organic deposits as well as scale and unwanted metals.

Dosage rates

Read directions for use carefully before use

Hot tips for pool professionals

•           D.E. and Cartridge Filters: Best results will be obtained when the soiled elements are hosed before      cleaning to remove as much debris as possible. Also hose well before re-assembly.

•           Never add this product to pool water.

•           Lo-Chlor recommend that filters be cleaned regularly.

•           Sand filters at least twice a year.

•           D.E. and cartridge as necessary.


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