Hurlcon Rola Chem Rc9

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Astral Pool Rola Chem RC9

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The RC9 provides the function of advanced measure and control of your sanitiser and pH levels. pH is a measure of the balance of acids and alkaline. Perfect pH means active sanitiser, and active sanitiser means lower usage of the sanitiser, saving you money. By constantly measuring and dosing pH adjuster to maintain the correct set point, the RC9 controller ensures the sanitiser in your water is maintained at its optimal level.

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The RolaChem 9 series provides combined sanitiser and pH adjuster management of your pool or spa so that it always looks great and is safe and healthy to swim in. With sophisticated sensors and software programming the sanitiser and pH levels are continuously monitored and adjusted to your swimming pool or spa’s requirements, weather conditions or bather load. All while dramatically reducing the maintenance required for your pool and spa.


Features & Benefits

  • Controls sanitiser and pH levels
  • Lower sanitiser consumption
  • Reduces red eyes and skin irritations
  • Maintains healthy and safe swimming environment
  • Reduces time & maintenance

Product Specifications

Refer to product brochure and operation manual for the product specifications and warranty.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good equipment.

The Rolachem range of equipment is of the best there is for the domestic market.

Finding good customer service for it is a different matter. Be careful from whom you buy.

RC9 5/5 ........GREAT Drop in Replacement for a Elderly RC7

RC9 is considerably bigger than my old RC7 5/5 which gave 10 good years of service before failing.
I managed to swap in the new RC9 without any issue and even continue to use the old style mixing bowl of the original RC7 without issues.

User interface a lot more intuitive on the newer RC9 and the forward orientation of the pumps will make maintenance much easier.

ALL in ALL a good and easy upgrade to my original RC7 which served me well.

Rola Chem RC9

It has now been a couple of months since the purchase and installation of the Rola Chem RC9. I purchased the unit from the Pool Shop and the process was easy & quick at a good price so I couldn't fault there service. Installation was pretty straight forward and so far the unit has performed well. The unit replaced a 5 year old Chemflo unit and certainly seems a better design and quality construction. Certainly at this stage I would have no problem in recommending the unit.

Rola Chem RC9

Really Happy with the Rola Chem RC9 , better than I thought and first time buying anything from Pool Shop great service from the staff really know their stuff and quick installation

Astral Pool Rola Chem RC9

Bought direct and self installed. Excellent friendly and supportive customer service from the Poolshop folk who found the right pump for my freshwater 25,000 litre pool and a great price. Great pump and all working well. Easy to install especially if you're replacing and existing pool pump and don't have to cut and insert the new pipe into system. Programming took a bit to figure because we have a Genus 3 pool & spa controller that didn't want to co-operate but got it sorted fine. Instructions were good and more detailed installation instructions are available online. Chemical sensors seem way better than our old pump and the new unit holds chemical levels (both PH and ORP) to settings very well. Good to know I don't have to worry about the pump and pool chemicals/settings anymore at least for another decade. thx Poolshop.

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