Astral Pool VX Salt Chlorinators

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Astral Pool (Hurlcon) VX Chlorinator

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Model Product Code Rec. Retail $ 
VX7T 10900 $2,309.05
VX9T 10902 $2,517.53
VX11T 10904 $3,242.65

 * Timers are now able to be deactivated - so that external timers can be used. 

The Astral Pool VX Salt Chlorinator is easy to use and packed with features. Its reliability has made the VX Chlorinator the best reviewed chlorinator.

The VX Chlorinator converts the chloride in Salt or minerals  into chlorine which sanitises your pool. The salts or minerals  passes through the VX chlorinator cell to form chlorine which kills all the contaminants within the pool and prevents bacteria and algae from forming. The result is pure, crystal clear, soft feeling water and happy, healthy swimmers.  

Manual dosing of liquid or granular chlorine can be hazardous. Over dosing can cause eye irritation, itchy skin and a strong chlorine order. The Hurlcon VX salt chlorinator continuously generates the precise level of chlorine required into your pool. With the convenience of a touch pad the level of output can be adjusted and operating hours can be preset. With the self cleaning ability the VX Salt Chlorinator is perfect for any pool and spa combination.

The VX Chlorinator is simply the best salt chlorinators on the market.

They are available in 3 different sizes to suit different pool volumes and climate conditions.

The Astral VX salt chlorinator range have the best warranty and back up service.

Astral VX Chlorinator Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use control system
  • Available with or without time clock
  • Self cleaning
  • Precise level of chlorine is added as required
  • 5 Year unconditional cell warranty
  • 5 Year pro rata control box warranty


Customer Reviews

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VX7 Chlorinator

Good product, great price & quick delivery. Highly recommended

Astral VX11T V3 Salt Chlorinator

I spoke with a friendly & helpful dealer who gave me expert advice. The Chlorinator arrived on the day it was supposed to and I have been very impressed with its performance.10/10 for service and quality

VX9 Astral Salt Chlorinator

Great price, quick delivery, what more could you ask?

As advertised

The delivery was prompt and the chlorinator works very well. So far I’m very happy

Great service

The promised delivery was on schedule. The installer was here within the hour. He showed me how it worked and was very helpful. Prompt and efficient service all round.

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