Jet Vac Booster Pump - PVC Plumbing Kit

Jet-Vac Booster Pump - PVC Plumbing Kit

The Jet Vac Booster Pump operates all pressure pool cleaners, including Jet-Vac Pool Cleaners and Polaris Pool Cleaners. Jet-Vac Booster pumps are considered the best and most reliable on the market. They can easily replace any other brand. 

Jet-Vac Booster pumps are available in 2 variants.  Jet Vac Booster pump with Flexi Plumbing Kit or the Jet Vac Booster pump with PVC Plumbing Unions. The Flexi- Hose version of the Jet Vac Booster Pump is more popular and easier to install. 

The Jet Vac Booster Pump is compact, making this pump easy to install even in tight locations. It is also one of the quietest pumps of its type on the market. The Jet-Vac Booster Pump is robust and reliable, ensuring a long and almost maintenance-free life. 

The Jet Vac Booster Pump does not have problems with splitting volutes like other brands, and if they run dry, they tend to easier to repair. 

Booster pumps have no pump basket and need to be installed after the pool pump and filter. This means the booster pump can only operate while the pool pump is operating. We sell a range of Booster Pump timers to ensure that these pumps are always synchronised.  


  • Uses Barrel Unions not flexible hose
  • Compact design means can fit in tight installations
  • Fasco Aquadrive 1700 Motor


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • The warranty does not cover mechanical seals or the damage caused by running the pumps without water.

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We can help if you are looking to replace your Booster or looking for a new cleaning solution.  Our team will help meet your expectations and provide you with the best advice.  Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us, and we will gladly answer your questions on Jet Vac Booster Pumps. 


Need installation? Call us and we can arrange installation of Jet Vac Booster Pumps pumps in most areas. 

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Len Kearns
Jet vac pump

Best price and good service. Product supplied as described and available next day as stated. Highly recommended.

John Ladec
Satisfied Customer

Product from supplier correct selection, fast service and fair cost.

Jim Ballantyne
Jet vac pump

Best price I could find and in stock.
Very happy with the service and the shop

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