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Jet Vac Hose - Complete Jet Vac Hose Set

Replacement Jet Vac Hose is available as a ready to use complete set. The Jet Vac Hose Set includes all hoses and fittings in the pool. This includes the wall fittings and the Jet vac Tail.

This is a good option for older Jet Vac Pool Cleaners that need hoses, swivels, and feed hoses replaced.

The hose will need to be cut to suit your pool. The Jet Vac is one of the easiest pool cleaners to install. Simply plug the wall fitting into the pool wall, take the hose to the furthest point in the pool and add 600 mm. Do NOT cut the light blue hose. You will need to undo the mender nut between the dark blue hose and then cut the dark blue hose. Then reconnect the hose and the total length will reach 600 mm past the furthest part of the pool. Now connect the cleaner and it is ready to go.

Whats Included

Factory Assembled and includes all hoses, swivels, mender nuts hose floats, disconnect swivel and wall fitting.

Part #JV209 Order code LJV105

White Starter Hose

Dark Blue Hose

Light Blue Hose

Wall Fitting

Mender Nuts

Hose swivels

Hose Floats

Disconnect Swivel 

Jet Vac Tail

Genuine Jet Vac Hose LJV105

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