Magnesium Test Strips

SKU: WC000081

Magna Pool Magnesium Test Strips

The Magna Pool magnesium test strips are ideal for monitoring your Magna Pool, or Element mineral salt pools for the correct magnesium levels. Allowing you to keep track of the optimal range for bather comfort.

  • 25 Strips
  • Measures in Parts per Million
  • The optimal level is between 100ppm to 200ppm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michelle McMahon
Magnesium test strips

Great product and price. Delivery was very fast.

Dr Bernhard Boulton
Magnesium test strips

The test strips arrived on time but the two bottles were taped together so when I removed the tape a major part of the indicator bar was ripped off. This is annoying and the packer gave no thought to this. However despite this I can interpolate the result. The product is good .

Danny Stollery
as yet not used the Zodiac Magnesium test strips

the insatllation of my plunge pool has stalled due to the wet weather and will not be fully finished for at least a month
will keep you posted on usage when pool is fully installed and opearational
thank you have a most enjoyable New Year kind regards Danny

ian knox
Magnesium strips

Sorry can't leave a review I still have not received this product

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