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Onga LTP Pool Pump

We recommend replacing this pump with a Davey Sureflo. The Sureflo has the exact same measurements which means no changes to the plumbing and a longer warranty. 

Onga Leisure Time Pool Pumps (LTP) are robust, reliable and budget friendly.  The LTP is offered in four models to suit different pool volumes ranging between 20,000 to 90,000 litres.  Performance is not compromised with this resilient pump and is also suitable for solar pool heating and above ground pools.

Self- Aligning Barrel Unions

Unique 5 degree self-aligning barrel unions make pipework connection a breeze.

Electrical Approvals

Rest easy knowing your Leisure Time pool pump has passed all stringent Australian Standards for safety and is approved for installation within the wetted zone of the pool area.

Elevated Motor Foot

Incorporating an elevated mount into the pump design keeps moisture well away from the motor.

Corrosion Resitant Endshield

Unique electro-phoretic plated cast iron endshield for better corrosion protection extending the life of the pump.

Large Hair and Lint Pot with see through Lid

Easy to clean large hair and lint pot with a clear lid so you can check at a glance whether or not it is full.

Low Friction Lint Pot O'Ring

Having a low friction teflon impregnated self-lubricating O-ring on the lint pot means you only need to tighten the lid by hand. No tools are necessary and because you only tighten by hand, removing the lid is also a simple task. 

Model  Old Code
LTP400    ( 0.5 HP)
LTP550   (0.75 HP) 
LTP750    (1 HP) 
LTP1100   (1.5 HP) 


  • Self-aligning barrel unions
  • Elevated motor foot
  • Corrosion resistant endshield
  • Large hair and lint pot with see through lid
  • Low friction lint pot O-ring
  • 2 year limited warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

For more details on the LTP Pool Pumps visit The Onga Pentair Website.

Onga LTP Pool Pump Curve


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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Gwen Hovey
Easily installed

With the support and advice I received I was able to easily install the new pump by my self

George Grech
Good result

The correct item arrived in a timely manner and undamaged. Fitted to our pump housing without any fuss and turned on. Fully functional, a great result.

Rajesh Nair
Good seller

Satisfied all areas

Douglas Blomberg
Economical, efficient and delivered speedily

I am replacing the existing (very old!) pump but I was waiting for installation from my spa specialist. This took quite some time indeed, so in the end, a friend and I assembled this. I need to get lubricant for the O-rings, so I haven't been able to get it up and running yet. However, I just now read this: Having a low friction teflon impregnated self-lubricating O-ring .... Does this mean I don't need lubricant? Also, we're not sure about how the clacker will function, so we haven't attached this, at least for now. Anyway, good value!

Brian Mitchell

Quick delivery. Setup very easy with self aligning joiners. A lot quieter than previous pump. Very happy with the whole deal.

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