Pavis Pool Covers With Left Hand Step


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Pavis Pool Covers With Left Hand Step

Pavis Pool Covers almost eliminates water loss from evaporation, increases the months you can swim each year, and reduces the time spent cleaning your pool by keeping the leaves out.
All Pavis Pool Covers feature exclusive SmartBubble technology known as the 'smartest' bubble profile on the market to create a tough, durable pool cover to extend the life of their pool covers. Used with a Pavis Pool Roller, most pools can be covered and uncovered in a couple of minutes.


A cost-effective and convenient way to save water and heat your pool simultaneously, Pavis Pool Covers are made from a film containing thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and retain heat in your pool. The Cover floats on top of the water (bubble side down) and allows solar energy to pass through - trapping and keeping the heat in your pool.


  • Save water. The 400 and 500 micron varieties have been independently tested, and proven to stop up to 99.84% of evaporation.

  • You'll swim sooner and longer – your pool cover will increase the water temperature by up to 8°C, giving you a warmer pool, for longer.

  • Your chemical consumption will be greatly reduced. Once a your Pavis Pool cover is installed, we recommend that automated chlorinators be turned down by 50%.

  • All Pavis Pool covers are suitable for both salt water and chlorinated pools.

  • All Pavis Pool solar pool covers are specially treated to resist UV damage.

  • Made in Australia, Pavis pool covers are made from category 4 LDPE – so are completely recyclable! Expected Pool Temperature with a Pavis Pool Cover

    How to measure for your Pavis pool cover:

    Solar blankets are supplied as a rectangular sheet and need to cover the entire pool, including steps. Measure the most extended length and the widest width of the pool (see diagrams below) to ensure you get the correct blanket for your pool at the waterline.
    blanket size
    For more details on measuring your pool cover please download our Sizing Guide.
    Remove the Pool Cover from the box, and lay it next to the pool. Carefully unfold it, and spread it over the pool surface, bubble side down, smooth side up.
    When the pool cover has smoothed out over the pool surface, getting rid of wrinkles and air pockets, you can start trimming to shape with a pair of sharp scissors. Leave a good 10-15cm of extra material all the way around during this first trim, cutting the blanket so that it sits just under the pool coping. When you come to the skimmer box, cut a 'flap' or 'tongue' to sit inside the box.

    We suggest fitting the blanket a little larger so that it turns up at the edges, creating a bowl effect within the pool so that leaves or debris will sit on top of the Cover rather than falling into the water. Leaves can then be brushed or blown into the skimmer box before taking the Cover off. 
    Once you have your basic fit, stop cutting, then leave the blanket to 'relax.' In around 2-3 weeks, you can come back and trim to the final fit.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sammi Larsen
    Good quality pool cover

    Great service & a quality product.
    Postage was great with timing and instructions.
    Will recommend to others

    Tony Turner
    Best service and quality

    Thanks for the prompt delivery. I installed the cover as soon as I got it. The quality of the blanket is second to none.

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