Polaris 360 Head and Hose Pack

SKU: W7520005

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Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner

Additional Booster Pump Not Required

The Polaris 360 pool return cleaner is powered by 3 vacuum jets without a booster pump. Connects to dedicated pressure pool return or solar line provision.  

Suitable for in-ground pools and all surface types. No electrical work is required.

Extra connections may be required.

For more information please visit: http://www.zodiac.com.au/

What do you get?

  • All-Purpose Bag

  • Head Float

  • Cleaner Body

  • Sweep Hose

  • Sweep Hose Scrubber

  • Replacement Eyeball

  • Eyeball Regulators

  • Feed Hose 6ft (1.8m)

  • Hose Floats

  • Back-Up Valve

  • Pressure Tester

  • Quick Disconnect with Universal Wall Fitting

  • 2 Year Warranty

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