Polaris Tail Scrubber (3900/380/360/280/180)

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Polaris Tail Scrubber 3900s/380/360/280/180

Polaris Scrubbers attached to the end of the Polaris Sweep Hose. The Polaris Scrubber agitates the surface of the pool moving settled dust into the pool water so that it can be collected by the pool filtration system.

The Polaris Tail Scrubber is used on all Polaris Pressure Cleaners ie Polaris 280, Polaris 3900 and Polaris 360 cleaners. 

Polaris do wear out over time as they are always moving from side to side and in contact with the pool surface. The life of the Polaris Tail Scrubber will depend on the smoothness of the pool surface. 

New Tail Scrubber Option 

The Polaris 3900 comes standard with a Tailsweep Pro. The Tailsweep Pro minimises the spraying of water from the Polaris Tail on to your pool coping, surround gardens and glass fence. The Tailsweep Pro still uses the same Polaris Scrubber as a replacement and can be fitted to your existing Polaris 280 Sweep Tail.

The Tailsweep Pro comes with a Polaris Scrubber. Once the scrubber wears just pull it off and replace it with another Polaris Scrubber. 

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Steve Petrakis
Polaris Spare parts

Delivery was very quick & part was as described. Thanks again for your service.

Polaris Spare Parts

Great service at a realistic price. Goods arrived quickly and as described.

Linda McIntyre

Good product, fast delivery

Mark McLachlan
Polaris tail scrubber

Great product

Julian England
Polaris Parts

I have been dealing with Poolshop since August 2015 and found their service and pricing excellent for Polaris spare parts

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