Pool Controls XLS 900ppm Chlorinator

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XLS 900 Extra-Low Salt Chlorinator

Enjoy a freshwater experience while safely sanitising your pool or spa with the XLS 900.

The latest innovative product from Pool Controls operates on extra-low salt concentrations (900 ppm). At this concentration, the salt is on the threshold of being perceptible by taste – so it’s like swimming in freshwater!

Seawater has a salt concentration of around 30,000ppm. Traditional saltwater chlorinators operate at concentrations of between 3000 and 6000ppm. The XLS 900 works effectively at concentrations of approximately 900 ppm – and it’s worth remembering that tap water often has salt concentrations of around 200ppm.

A freshwater swimming experience is also kind of the environment. When you backwash your pool or spa, you won’t be dumping large amounts of salty water. Extra-low concentrations of salt also help protect your investment in your pool or spa. Metal accessories will no longer rust quickly, concrete surfaces, and no more concerns about sandstone around the pool. High salt concentrations can be extremely harsh on pool surroundings – but XLS900 can prevent this sort of damage.



The XLST 900PPM has all the features of the XLS 900 PPM but also comes with 3 timed power outlets to allow you to power the pool pump, auxiliary equipment such as UV or ozone sterilisers, plus a third outlet for pool lighting.

Pool Controls XLS pH Upgrade Kit.

When you upgrade your system with a Pool Controls pH upgrade kit, the pH of the pool water is automatically controlled via a single peristaltic pump. This helps maintain perfect water chemistry and optimises the effectiveness of the sanitiser. The Pool Controls XLS pH Upgrade Kit provides pH control in extra low salt pools via peristaltic pump (for use with the XLS 900PPM Saltwater Chlorinator). 


  • Fully Automatic
  • 3-year warranty
  • Optional pH Control
  • Self-cleaning cell
  • Optional Timed Power Outlets
  • Made in Australia

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