Pool Blue Floc Blocks

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Pool Blue Cubes

The Pool Blue Floc Block is designed to dissolve in approximately 2- 3 weeks. While dissolving the flocculent is continuously added to the pool water. It effectively binds the fine dust particles and algae spores making them large enough to be trapped in the pool's filter.

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Barry Hockey
Floc Blocks

Since I have been using this product I have not had a problem with phosphates in the water. The phosphates were destroying the chlorine and it was causing problems, I now always have a floc block in my skimmer box which seems to have fixed my phosphates problem.
Great product for the price and they last quite a long time. Slow dissolving and also helps with water clarity. I put a small rock on them in the skimmer box to weigh it down on the sock tie end.

Glen Marks

Very happy with the results so far.

Robert Schnell

so far so good,the pool cleared up in two days so that was good thank you

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