Powerite 4 Channel FM Remote with TIME CLOCK

SKU: LI-35-20004R1/TC

Powerite 4 Channel FM Remote with TIME CLOCK

  • portable waterproof hand held transmitter

  • supplied with a Wall Holder and Function Label Set & powered by a 9 volt battery

  • crystal controlled for operation within the 27MHz band

  • transmitter/handset provides FM remote control on all output functions and line of sight between the receiver and transmitter is not required to operate the system.

  • battery life 1-2 years

  • The 2, 4 & 8 channel units employ a digital coding system controlled by a 9 way code switch

  • 1024 different codes ensuring security against false operation

  • working range of up to 200 metres (longer on request) and does not require to be licensed

  • housed in a IP33 outdoor enclosure with a lead to plug into a standard 240V powerpoint

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