Pressure Cleaner Timer with Power Seperator

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Ascon Pressure Cleaner Timer - Dual Output

The Ascon MV3-DO Dual Output controls the pressure cleaner booster pump without overloading the timer. Its ensures that only the pool pump gets its power from the chlorinator while the booster pump gets its power from other power point. This is important with some new chlorinators as 2 pumps drawing power from the chlorinator may cause damage and void warranty

  • Pool Cleaner booster pump must run at the same time as the pool filtration pump.
  • The Ascon Pool Products MV3-DO Cleaning Booster Pump Controller is a delay switch which synchronises the booster pump's operation with the pool pump. This prevents the booster pump running dry and causing significant damage and costly repair bills
  • Problems can develop if a delay switch is not used as modern chlorination systems if there is a power cut.

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Pressure Cleaner Timer

Good service and advice worked just as expected with quick delivery.

Works Well

Quickly and efficiently installed. performs well

A bit faster please

Product works as expected.
Ordering over the phone was convenient.
Although it took a week to arrive.

Pressure cleaner timer with power separator

this is the second pool in which i have installed one of these devices. I cannot imagine a simpler or more reliable way to control your pool cleaner

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