Reltech ECOFLO V5 Pro Series (1.75Hp)

Reltech ECOFLO V3 PRO Series 1.75Hp

Reltech’s Ecoflo V5 Pro pump is an energy-efficient variable speed pump. The EcoFlo V5 enables pool and spa owners to choose how to run their pumps efficiently, dramatically decreasing electricity costs and carbon emissions.

The Ecoflo V5 Pro has the same energy efficiency as the EcoFlo V3 Pro Pool Pump. However, it achieves superior levels of performance, being a 1.75HP motor. This suits spa jet action and most in-floor cleaning setups. 

The Reltech’s Ecoflo V5 fully variable 3 speed DC motor allows the owner to increase and decrease each of the 3 speeds to suit their pool and spa. The Ecoflo V5 tuned to the pool and spa to save on electricity costs and increase filtration quality.

Whether you need to backwash, clean/vacuum, or filter your pool or spa water, Reltech’s Ecoflo V5 Pro will save you time and money. Pool filtration takes up 99% of a pump’s usage during the year. However, pool filtration does not require a pump to be running at full capacity. Your pool's filtration efficiency improves at lower flow rates. 

The Reltech’s Ecoflo V5 operates at extremely low noise levels that allow you to run your pump at night to take advantage of off-peak tariffs without disturbing your neighbours. 


  • Australian Made
  • Available in a 1.25HP and a 1.75HP Variable 3 Speed Motor
  • Reduce your electricity costs up to 70% per annum
  • Suited for high flow filtration, spa jets, and most in-floor installations
  • Each speed is adjustable to suit individual pools & spas
  • Ultra low noise operation with improved filtration Australian
  • Up to an 8-star energy rating when adjusted
  • 3-year warranty


We can help if you are looking to replace your pool pump or looking for a new energy-efficient solution. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us, and we will gladly answer your questions on energy-efficient pool pumps.


Need installation? Call us, and we can arrange the installation of energy-efficient pool pumps in most areas.  

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